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Stray Cat Rock- Featuring all 5 films!

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Machine Animal
Wild Jumbo
Delinquent Girl Boss
Playing at The Palace from 8/11 - 8/17
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Starring LADY SNOWBLOOD's Meiko Kaji and directed by genre veterans Yasuharu Hasebe (MASSACRE GUN, RETALIATION) and Toshiya Fujita (LADY SNOWBLOOD), the STRAY CAT ROCK series -- all made between 1970-71, a golden age of Japanese exploitation film -- features a psychedelic mix of girl gangs, bikers, sex, drugs, rock 'n roll and plenty of ass-kicking. It's all captured in a delirious mash-up of pop aesthetics including split screens, freeze frames, injections of color, frenetic editing and dizzying angles, making these films a riotous joy from beginning to end.

"I love the palpable enthusiasm behind the camera here; everything is just brimming with a punkish, anarchic and stylised energy." -- Luke McCarthy, Letterboxd

"[Meiko Kaji]: a haunting beauty with a commanding screen presence, able to convey more with one squint of her eye than most actors could in an entire page of dialogue." -- Christopher Bickel, Dangerous Minds

In the first STRAY CAT ROCK film, a girl gang go up against criminal organization the Seiyu Group, where blood is shed and friendships are tested following a fixed boxing match.

"Beach Blanket Pinku!" -- Matt Lynch, Letterboxd

Released just mere months after the success of the first STRAY CAT ROCK entry DELINQUENT GIRL BOSS, WILD JUMBO is outta sight. A group of five friends known as the "Pelican Gang" spend time hanging out, driving around in their all-terrain buggy and listening to psychedelic jazz fusion when they're approached by a mysterious horse-riding girl, who suggests they rob 30 million yen from a religious movement called Seikyo Gakkei...

"There were many political protests at the time seeking US military withdrawal from Japan. While no protests are featured or expressly mentioned...the film captures the spirit of the times just the same." -- Kyle Warner, City On Fire

In series fan favorite SEX HUNTER, the gang go up against rival male gang The Eagles. Naturally, sex and explosive violence erupt! Plus, there's some real-deal themes of racial injustice in the mix, giving this film a substantive weight.

In MACHINE ANIMAL, intense rivalry is once again the focus with two gangs pursuing LSD pushers looking to move a hot score!

STRAY CAT ROCK: BEAT '71 (1hr26min)
"There's a lot of loaded imagery in that final battle where Eastern Culture is literally doing battle with Western Culture -- in a Wild West Town no less!" -- Craig Duffy, Letterboxd

This swansong to the series sees Kaji framed and sent to prison by her boyfriend's father. With the help of some hippies, she strives to be re-united…

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The Palace Picture House

818 Georgia Ave. - Chattanooga, TN 37402

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