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English Country Dance for All!

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English Country Dance
English Country Dance (ECD) is a beautiful, historical social dance that was popular from around 1650 through 1800. Movies based on Jane Austen novels such as "Pride & Prejudice" or "Emma," feature scenes with English Country dancing at balls and parties.

Experience the pleasures of English Country Dance at this continuing group class. The class starts with basic ECD moves, including: set and turn single, two hand turn, changes of rights & lefts, star across, back to back, figure eight, hey for three. The program includes dances from the historical and modern English Country Dance repertoire. Dances are taught and walked through with prompting and attention to detail and style.

Everyone is welcome! No partner or previous experience is necessary. Nearly everyone is a beginner so no one will feel out of place! Please bring a separate pair of soft-soled shoes for dancing (sneakers or flats).

Studies show that dancing helps protect our brains from aging. English Country Dance is wonderful exercise as well as a fun social experience.

Join us!


4315 Brainerd Road - Chattanooga, TN 37411
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