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6 Week Class: Textured-3Dimensional Acrylic Painting with Karen Reader

Price: $150


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Art Creations Northshore, 201 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405, USA
Chilly Fall Creek 3D Textured on Easel-Flat Reduced 18 (1)

When: Jan. 8 to Feb. 12, Tuesdays (6 weeK)

Time: 2 – 4 PM

Where: Frazier Ave. (Norhshore)

Fee: $150 + Materials

This will be a fun, interesting, laid-back, and easy to understand class. The level of this class is Beginning-Intermediate to Intermediate.

First, you will learn how to use perspective, and you will create a simple sketch with light pencil. You will receive step by step instruction and assistance, as possible, on how to mix all the colors that you will need from the primary colors. You will also receive instruction on color values, the use of composition and light, as well as tips on different brush techniques and how to achieve different effects. You will receive instructions on how to use different texturing mediums such as Clear Gels, Sculpturing Pastes, Textured Mediums, and how to apply them and mix them with regular Acrylic Paints in order to create a 3 dimensional, textured appearance to your painting. We will build textured rock and other natural effects, and create clear water with movement and foam.

The goal of this class is for you to leave this class with the understanding of how create a 3 dimensional Textured Acrylic Painting. We will be doing one 11inch by 14inch Winter, Mountain Creek Scene.

List of items needed for Texturized Acrylics Class Acrylic Paints (This is a Intermediate-beginner to Intermediate class. Golden or Liquitex Heavy-Body paints are best. If you are using the cheaper paints, then use what you have, but be aware that they do not cover as well.


1 LARGE tube of Titanium White

1 tube of Cadmium Red Hue

1 tube of Cadmium Yellow Med Hue

1 tube of Cadmium Orange

1 tube of Ultramarine Blue

1 tube of Hooker's Green

1 tube of Phathlo Green

1 tube of Dioxazine Purple

1 tube of Burnt Umber

1 tube of Burnt Sienna

1 tube of Raw Sienna

1 tube of Golden Ochre

1 tube of Payne's Grey

1 jar of Liquitex Matte Fexible Modeling Paste,

1 jar of Liquitex Gloss Regular Gel-TRANSPARENT,

1 Jar of Liquitex Resin Sands Texture Gel

1 jar of Acrylic Paint Retardant

1 11inch by 14 inch Ampersand Gesso Board (Cradled 11/2 to 2 inches deep)

You will also need a set of Palette Knives (any brand)Brushes: (Synthetic is OK)

1 size10 flat

1 size 1 Fan

1 size 8 bright

1 size 6 bright

1 size 2 filbert

1 size 2 round

1 size 1 round

1 size 0 round

1 size 00 round

1 can of gloss varnish spray for acrylics

1 large jar for water

1 36 inch ruler

Mechanical Pencils with Number 7 lead refills

1 kneaded eraser

1 pack of Large White Styrofoam plates or a palette if you have one.

Small clear plastic paint saving containers with lids (at least 6)

One roll of paper towels

Art Creations - North Shore

201 Frazier Ave. - Chattanooga, TN 37405

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