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Bluegrass in the Park

Price: Free


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Caney Creek Company
The New Dismembered Tennesseans
Grandview Mountain Pickers
A free event featuring local musicians.

A free family-friendly event featuring Caney Creek Company, Grandview Mountain Pickers, and Dismembered Tennesseans. Most current schedule and announcements at All community members welcome.

5:00 PM
Caney Creek Company

7:00 PM
Grandview Mountain Pickers

8:00 PM
New Dismembered Tennesseans

Caney Creek Company
It would be easy to categorize Caney Creek Company as a bluegrass band based on their lineup of traditional instruments. However, their sound continues to progress, often including elements of folk and indie rock with equal frequency. Meanwhile, their approach to songwriting remains true to the storytelling tradition of Americana. It's a sonic formula that appeals to all generations. Like a wedding vow, the songs will see you through sickness and health, wealth and want, some bad times-but especially the good ones.

Grandview Mountain Pickers
The Grandview Mountain Pickers is a five-person bluegrass band-four teenage sisters and a brother-from Grandview Mountain just outside of Spring City that is becoming very well known in eastern Tennessee for their harmonizing blend of bluegrass music.

New Dismembered Tennesseans
It was back in 1947 that a group of McCallie students got together and began singing and playing a brand of Bluegrass music that has gone on now for more than 65 years. The name "Dismembered Tennesseans" seemed good enough a name for a bunch of teenagers who had no long-range plans, and they sang their way through school. But somehow the music never stopped. And 70 years later and a few personnel changes, the New Dismembered Tennesseans continues to let the notes fly and enjoy music together. Building on the solid foundations laid by Fletcher Bright, Frank McDonald, Ansley Moses, and earlier band members, the new group keeps the music going!

Miller Park

928 Market St. - Chattanooga, TN 37402
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